ORULk 130l5 gold

MD 5000/3350 WL5/102

Available 380V 60Hz or
400V 50Hz



The entire plant is designed for maximum optimization of its
transportability and for reducing transport costs to a minimum.
Two shipping options are available, depending on the customer’s needs:
By road: 5 STANDARD TRUCKS (13,60 m)
By sea: 4x40' OT + 1x40' OT H=2600 + 1x20' OT

It’s a group of stationary wet mixing plants. It is compact and flexible, and it consists of multiple elements designed with a view to modularity aimed at making the system fully adaptable to different worksite and production needs.


The mixing unit is the heart of the plant, and in this particular configuration it is equipped with ORUMD 5000/3750 twin shaft mixer that allows different types of concrete to be mixed, always ensuring the highest quality. The mixing unit is equipped with standby hoppers that serve as a “buffer”, thus minimizing the time needed to load the mixer for an extremely high-performance plant. The mixing unit is also equipped with an expansion chamber (Airbag) that collects dust-filled air, generated by the aggregates and by the cement after they enter the mixer.


The aggregates storage and batching unit is modular, sturdy and completely hot-dip galvanized in order to guarantee maximum resistance and long service life. Thanks to the BELTUP weighing belt (patented), no costly concrete works are necessary (pillars and pits), and the loading point of the storage tanks stays extremely low.


Aggregates are transferred from the storage unit to the mixer by means of a conveyor belt designed according to the same logic of modularity, transportability and versatility that distinguishes all the other plant components. The belt is equipped with a gangway for maintenance jobs, guards for complete protection and safety devices. The frame is entirely hot-dip galvanized.

Main features

Hourly production m3/h 105
Mixer mod ORUMD 3750/2500
Loading belt (dimensions) m 29x0,80
Loading belt (requested power) kW 30
B1400 cement weighing hopper l 1400
BA1000 water weighting hopper, discharge by gravity and pump kW 7,5
Antifreeze column with pump for dosing in water scale kW 2,2
Water column for manual addition mod Electromagnetic meter
Aggregates storage [capacity] m3 80
Bins 4
Discharge gate 8
Weighting system [approved-type] mod with loading cells
Aggregates hygrometer probe [microwave] mod PK-3
Additives system l/min 3x24
Electric compressor mod B7000
Management unit (in customer's cabin) mod HPS 2100-V
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